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CSI (Corporate Social Investment)

Corporate South Africa has a vital role to play in bringing about meaningful change and improved conditions to impoverished, under-resourced and disadvantaged communities. In order to bring about sustainability and a lasting impact in the education sector we need companies and corporations to partner with us in making this happen.

Change the first five years of a child’s life, change everything!


  • Sponsor one of our projects: Library-in-every-School, Nursery-School-in-a-Box for under-resourced preschools, Vegetable Garden training, Zakhe Gap Year Intern Programme
  • The Play-with-a-Purpose Teacher Training and Mentorship Programme to go into a community and enable 10 Early Childhood Development Centres to provide the best education to their children.
  • Adopt a School for a Year.
  • Partner with Preschools 4 Africa as a Recipient for Events.
  • Sponsor one of our management development training workshops that we host for ECD centres throughout the year.
  • Monetary/Goods donations to Preschools 4 Africa are tax deductible under section 18a tax deductible certificates.
  • Nelson Mandela Day
    • Renovate-a-Preschool
    • Host an outing for a disadvantaged preschool to visit the zoo or botanical gardens.


Adopt a School for a Year

Help improve an under-resourced school for a year:

  • Preschool makeover.
  • ECD Training and Mentorship on the Play-with-a-Purpose Programme for all teachers including access to ongoing management training and ECD workshops
  • Nursery School-in-a-Box© for the school and training on it.
  • 4 outings for children.
  • 4 end of term parties for children.

Send a Child to School

Access to early education has a direct correlation to the crime rate and economy in a country according to research.

Be a part of the change! Many of the children we work with each day come from impoverished homes, child-led homes or are orphans- help make a difference in their lives and help send them to school for a year!

  • For as little as R100 per month you can help change a child’s life.
  • R7160 for full sponsorship of a child for a year includes: School fees assist, an outfit and shoes, a gift and cake for the child on their birthday.

Host a Fundraising Event

  • Golf Day
  • Ride for Preschools 4 Africa in a Cycle Challenge
  • Auction
  • Quiz Night
  • Any other fundraising events


Zakhe Gap Year Intern Programme:

  • Preschools 4 Africa runs a Gap Year programme called Zakhe which means “Grow Yourself”. It is intended for young people aged 18 – 23 years old.

B-BBEE Score Card

  • Play-With-A-Purpose Educational Trust is a level 2 B-BBEE contributor with 90% black ownership and beneficiaries.

(Download B-BBEE certificate here and Beneficiary certificate here)

Section 18a Tax Deductible Certificate

  • Donations are made through the Trust as it is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) which allows us to issue Section 18A Tax deductible certificates.
  • Donations made may be deducted from the taxable income of the donating taxpayer or company.