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Play-with-a-Purpose Educational Trust is trading as Preschools 4 Africa.  Preschools 4 Africa has its roots in the Play-with-a-Purpose educational programme which was founded in 1991. Registered as an Educational Trust in 2002. The Play-with-a-Purpose Trust is a South African non-profit organisation that has had over 25 years of Community Development and Early Childhood Development experience. We currently mentor over 70 preschools with another 500 affiliated preschools that have benefited from our training throughout South Africa and Zambia as well in the United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Australia, Ghana, Malaysia, Singapore, Nigeria, United States and Botswana.

Preschools 4 Africa aims to assist young children in their quest to obtain quality and relevant early childhood education in order to ensure that they are in a position to ultimately be gainfully employed and become global citizens. Research indicates that a child that does not receive the correct education in the first five years has a 70% chance of being arrested for a violent crime and has less than a 30% chance of entering tertiary education. We aim to be part of the change in uplifting education in the fight against crime.

Access to Quality Education

Past Pupil Testimony: Grace Gazimani:

“I am very much privileged to stand here to talk about how my preschooling has had an impact on my present life. My parents wanted me to have a good education, so at the age of 3 they took me to a Play-with-a-Purpose school which made me who I am today. I passed matric with entry to a Bachelor’s degree and made my high school’s top 10. You cannot study hard unless you have desire to read books. Luckily for me, I went to a preschool which encouraged the reading of books. My younger sister recently received a scholarship to a private school and I believe this is because of her time at a Play-with-a-Purpose School”.

Grace Gazimani age 21: from a single parent household, where the parent earns a minimum wage. Grace completed our Gap Year Programme at Preschools 4 Africa with the Play-with-a-Purpose Programme in 2014. She is currently studying towards her Bachelor of Education in Teaching through the University of South Africa.

Preschool Testimony: Principal Blondie from Revelation Preschool in Matlosana, North West Province

Running Efficient Preschools:

“Before we thought we know what we are doing at our centre until we met with Robyn and Sharon from Preschools 4 Africa/Play-with-a-Purpose here in Klerksdorp, they showed us that through God everything is possible…in every area of a child’s developmental stage. We know that children learn through playing and they explore while playing. So there’s a purpose in every activity that we do with our children. We, the Revelation Edu-Care centre are dreaming and working towards becoming a centre of excellence, where people will want their children to be. Thank you to you all.”

Being a part of the Change

Sponsors Testimony: Centriq Insurance Company LTD.

“Over the years, Centriq has been involved with various schools participating in the Play-with-a-Purpose programme, and we’ve witnessed them grow from strength to strength, and now we’re seeing the positive effect that the play and fun-filled learning approach has had on the schools as well as the children. These children are becoming young intellectual adults now, who are having a remarkable effect on their siblings, families and their community as they’re now in a position to contribute positively to those around them, as well as make a significant difference in their own lives. Play-with-a-Purpose, continues to make a positive impact on these communities, and Centriq alike through the progressive programme they offer. We are proud to be in partnership with Robyn Wienand and her team.”

 First Educational Institute Worldwide to Achieve ISO 9001.

In 2017, Play-with-a-Purpose Educational Trust t/a Preschools 4 Africa became the FIRST ever Educational Institute in the world to pass the gruelling audit to become ISO 9001 certified. This ensures that our policies, procedures and training are world-class and a step above the rest. A tremendous thank you to Conbrako Pty Ltd for their support and helping make this happen.

Join us at the Preschools 4 Africa National Early Childhood Development Conference 4 August 2018.

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